The Arisen Story

A letter from our Church's founder Jared Rice Sr. and the journey from an FBI Raid to a global religious revolution.

A journey worth having.

On January 26th, 2018, I knew the persecution of our worlds brightest and smartest individuals were now on exhibition and the government wasn't going to hide it any longer. The attack on God's innovators was underway. The government's mission to destroy God's vision for real decentralization and prosperity for His people was being actualized. The pollution of our minds, our elections and even our patriotic traditional sentiments has been in operation for some time in America. But this raid and the violent manner it was executed towards a non-violent geek like me symbolized a hyper-elevated ruinous threat in town. The US government has been in a frenzy since that day. I remember sitting there with the FBI agents that morning after the raid. Yes, the same folks who had just pointed guns in my face and red dots over my chest. I was trying to explain to them about the importance of my vision to change the world. Marcus Jones was there too with me in Wills Point that day. We were there for a company getaway after spending months held up together in a small hotel room in downtown Dallas. It was a much needed break working hard to deliver the vision of our project, known at the time as "Arise Bank". I'll never forget that day, although, little did I realize, it was a new beginning of a new movement and God was going to put it right in our lap.

I sat there that morning watching 50 or so investigators, lawyers and field agents go through all of my computers. Proceed to steal all of our supporter's contributions, my work and unfairly call all of it their own. During this living hell, ironically enough, fear did not overcome me that day. As I sat there and met the court-appointed receiver Mark Rasmussen and his partner in crime Jim Cox, the most unexpected event happened for all of us to witness. A dog out of nowhere ran up to me and jumped in my lap and began licking my face. Moments later, all of their papers were blown off the table. One of the lawyers asked where the wind came from. I told them immediately - "It was God". I wasn't saying that to be glib, I knew it was God. Days later the entire crypto market tanked. Bitcoin was worth $20,000 a coin and would tank to under $9,000. Coins that were worth $12, would tank to $2 or less and before we all knew it, billions of dollars from cryptocurrency holders across the world, were wiped away from the market. It was Biblical and I felt the challenge was on my shoulders to fix it. Every morning I woke up, I asked God to protect me, watch over what I was building and help me build an unbreakable fortress for His people.

What have we built? Distributed Web's protocols and underlying tools, give us a way to create a new internet. Where websites can’t be seized or stolen by dishonest actors within our government or anyone else for that matter. Once the distributed web protocols were in place, we created a decentralized/distributed web browser to access dweb:// links. This makes it easy for anyone to launch what we call "Distributed Websites" aka dSites or "Distributed Applications" aka dApps. This gives us an important foundation to build something that cannot possibly be removed from God's planet, as long as his children are still peering these technologies.

I have been on a Biblical trail and at this point in June 2018, began to simply trust the wheel as God drove me to the destination he wanted me to arrive at. I experienced immense comfort in His voice and direction. Where it led me, would change everything with how I and others saw the world, and the future of our industry. It also gave me faith that we would win the War. One night, around 2AM, I was sitting, as usual, on concrete steps of my parent's back patio porch. After having yet another Conversation with God, it came to me-my original Arise vision must be fulfilled, and He would give me the strength to push it through. It is important to note, that no matter how often different people jumped in my way during this period, all were defeated, without me lifting a single finger. I knew God was with me and I eventually would completely take my hands off the wheel and simply picked up his sword. I was determined to Arise.

The first project that came to mind was dPay, a codebase that was originally developed by blockchain mastermind Dan Larimer for a blockchain/cryptocurrency called "Steem". Steem had since been taken over by bad actors looking to centralize a technology that was meant to bring forth a decentralized economy. Dan's father Stan Larimer had helped me more than anyone at the time, fight off the government and pursue a comeback and it only felt right to keep the Larimer stamp on what we were doing.

Stan is a special person and his mission was right in line with mine. We were determined to protect this industry, protect God's vision for decentralization and put a shield in front of those who were being persecuted and unable to defend themselves against government tyranny. dPay's ability to reward users for their use of the network led us to creating many decentralized applications that would ultimately lead me to a mission to destroy the mark of the beast. I didn't think God was doing this for us because we were special. It was simply because God was merciful. He was giving us a way out, through the creation of a decentralized web, decentralized bank, decentralized social networks and so many other decentralized tools to ultimately open a door to prosperity. It was our choice whether we took it but I knew one thing, it was my burden to build it.

While some will say these tools already exist somewhere, they're right but their purpose was created for profits. From dPay, came dSite, a decentralized blogging platform to unleash bloggers and journalists without fear of censorship from big tech or the deep-state government. Then came dSocial, a decentralized social network where people can have their voices and ideas heard by anyone who wants to follow them. This is a social network that can never be taken offline that pays its users just like all other dPay-based decentralized applications, for simply posting to the network. Even the commenters reading and commenting on the content get paid. It is a new economy that will soon bring forth dVideo, dTunes and so many other tools that will end up decentralizing every form of media from movie and video production to the entire music industry itself. Once I finished the dPay network, it was time to go back to the original vision - Arise.

In the process of rebuilding the vision for Arise, it soon became evident that Arise is much more than just a bank. It is a movement. So I began listening to God on that vision every single night. Our entire church Governance and Committee members witnessed this vision transpire over the course of 10 or so months. We finally realized Arise was going to be known as Arisen. At launch we bring forth Arisen Church as a "Decentralized Body of Christ" to protect God's currencies and God's vision for decentralization, and as God's soldiers, keep safe all of our creations. Those looking to steal God's vision will never cross through that door, for they will met with the wrath of God. He told me so.

It is God's house for innovation and for protection, for those who believe in His vision. While this letter can never tell the full story, it gives you an idea of how Arisen came to be. Join us on Sundays. You will hear more about our journey to Arisen, and the movement to advance everything in our lives for the better -- across the globe. It is my honor and with excitement to present to you Arisen. This is OUR house.

Enjoy all of Arisen's fabulous facilities and remember, we’re all on this journey from tyranny together. You are all my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I love each and every one of you.

Thanks for joining our family,

Jared Rice Sr.